Saturday, March 17, 2012

Penney life...

Life is good. I can't believe how fast the time is going by these days. It is already the middle of March! Life with my boys is busy and fun. The boys love school and have fun with each other when school gets out.

A daily thing now that the weather has warmed up a bit. They get the hose out and make mud...yes I allow this : )

Making wonderful surprises for mommy...

They rush into the house to tell me they made me a special pie and to come out and take a picture of it. So I get the camera and come out to the best pie ever!!

Not long after that Trent rushes in and yells, "Davis threw mud at my face!!" I turn and burst into really couldn't be helped. I don't know if that was very bad on my part...oh well they will survive. I called Davis in and made them take a picture together.

At least Trent acted cool about it. I snapped the picture and then he started whining about the dirt stinging. So I told him to go wash it off. A minute later I asked if he would like help, "No, I got this." Was his reply.

Then I heard Davis, "Mommy I threw dirt on me!" I was like oh please no! but then all I could do was smile and take a picture of him and told him gently to not do that anymore. He giggled and ran off...oh dear what have I started??

Then few days later Davis' Preschool class went to the zoo. Davis was paired with his favorite BEST buddy Brayden. I had to follow these two around and meet back at the bus later. We had a blast!

These two were impossible to get any good pictures of. They would not hold still! Every few seconds they would pause and I would have that time to snap a forgive the somewhat lame photos...I tried!

They loved the petting zoo. It was feeding time so the goats held still for them.

This pretty much sums up my nearly 2 hours with these two! They are so goofy! They were being wild animals at the zoo. I told them to make a scary face....this is what I got.

They went from that to sweet!! They loved the baby elephant.

They liked the Giraffe...for a minute...and then it was on to the next place. We saw almost every animal at the rate they went. It was so fun!

We got to see the seals...they LOVED to watch them.

Then we had only a few minutes until we had to meet at the bus so I let them play and then we rushed back to meet for snack...

After snack time it was back on the bus. We had a fun and busy morning. These two had SO much energy! Davis was so happy...but as soon as we pulled up to the school and he found out he did not have class that day he was immediately devastated and insisted that all of his friends were going to have a fun time at his school and he wasn't. Silly boy!! I had to stand there and show him that all of his friends were leaving and getting in their cars and going home as well. Other than was GREAT morning. Tyler was awesome and took Trent and Ryan on a few adventures while Davis and I were gone. Trent was upset that Davis got to go to the zoo AND ride a bus! So daddy took him to Poppy's work and showed him 'the dome' and then went to the park. He is such a good daddy! Life is wonderful : )

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