Friday, October 28, 2011

Ryan turns 2!

Yes it has been a LONG time and no...these pictures are not in order...haha oh well! So Ryan turned two yesterday and it was kind of a crazy day because it was also Trent and Davis' school Halloween parties so I had to get them all ready and run back and forth from school. Thank goodness Ryan is only 2...he doesn't even really know what a Birthday is and spent half of the day doing errands and dealing with a stressed mommy. Well when the boys got home from school in the late afternoon I had to get Tyler from school, thank goodness my sister Stephanie was at my house and was able to bathe and wash my boys while I ran out to get Tyler. Rushed home, got them dressed and headed to John's Incredible Pizza. I laughed at myself for even making cupcakes...who's going to eat them when they have a ton of things to eat? Oh well...lesson learned.

This was after the party. They were not excited about going home at the picture says otherwise but they were cooperative about taking pictures...

Yay Daddy is with us! He has been SO busy with work and school, poor guy!

Ryan loves his Poppy

He is always tickling and always making Ryan smile : )

This was the best picture that I could get of the 3 of them. They were all over the place!

Ryan was excited to open his gifts...

Oh what did Memow get you?!

This is pretty much what he did the rest of the time after he ate. He played trucks with his cousin Nate...

Most of the time they fight...but they do love each other : )

Yay more presents!

Seriously the BEST present ever! Memow got him a whole bunch trucks that light up and make sounds. He LOVES them!

Of course the boys do too : )

This is one of his first presents opened...he didn't really know what to Davis helped : )

It was a lot of fun and a completely crazy day...the rest of his Birthdays will probably be like this...since it falls a few days short of I will be better prepared next year and make sure that things wont be SO last minute. The boys had fun playing in the arcade and running around. Trent got lost for the first time...he was missing for 2 minutes and I was calling his name and looking everywhere...then I got paged to guest services...low and behold Trent was sitting there all red and puffy eyed with a HUGE balloon! He stayed close to me after that. It was a fun night : ) Now time to get ready for Halloween!!! Haha I love it!