Sunday, January 22, 2012's been a while : )

So much has happened since I have last posted...3 moths ago! Ha!

First there was Halloween...and I could not post all of the pictures...that would take too long : )
The boys were super heros...

Thanksgiving day was Davis' official we had to wait until the day after Thanksgiving to celebrate...there was NO way I could do everything on the same we celebrated the next day!

He enjoyed opening his presents...not as much as Trent did though...

Davis loved all of his gifts...especially his knight costume : )

Yes We did Birthday doughnuts and he LOVED them! Yes that is a candle... a tea light candle...he didn't seem to notice though : )

Then we had the first crazy wind storm which blew everyones leaves into our yard...Such luck we have!

Then of course Christmas time!! My boys love going to see the Christmas lights
at Candy Cane Lane...SO much fun!

It was cold but they didn't mind! My arms were so sore after pulling them around for almost an hour..and then on top of carrying Ryan too because he did not want to be in the wagon anymore..

Then we spent the day prior to Christmas Eve in Solvang...we stayed at a little Inn and had a blast! We swam in the heated pool and enjoyed the spa of course.

I think that Solvang is one of the cutest little towns that I have ever been to. SO much fun and so much to look at and do. I had a blast window shopping while Tyler watched the boys...he's so good!

Then we spent Christmas Eve in Santa Barbara on the was so weird to be on the beach the day before Christmas. The kids had SOOO much fun!

Then of course Christmas day! The boys woke up on Sunday morning and luckily we did not have church until we had plenty of time and it was very nice. Big Christmas breakfast a lot of laughter and fun. Sharing the story about Jesus...I love Christmas : )

Late Christmas day we went over to Memow and Poppy's house...or as Ryan likes to say, "Memow and Hoppies!!" We had fun and grandma and grandpa sure spoiled them rotten!

Davis LOVED his super Davis cape that grandma made him!

Trent loved his cool new Thor. Especially after he saw the movie later that week he would not let go of that toy. He loves it.

We are always busy but we know how to have some fun! The boys just keep getting bigger and bigger! I can't believe how fast the time is just slipping away. So grateful for my children and my husband...I feel so blessed sometimes...even amongst the caos : )