Monday, June 27, 2011

What to do on a HOT day....

Well this last Wednesday it was such a hot day in the valley that Tyler's sister Samantha had such a great idea to go up to Shaver Lake for the day. We went to Dorabelle for the day. It was so pleasant! It was still warm up at Shaver...maybe because it was 107 degrees in the valley. YUCK! So we enjoyed ourselves at the lake : )

The lake was cold...but because it was so warm it felt so nice!

Ryan refused to get into the lake. I took him in once but the shrieks were not worth it.

Trent was pretty cold. I am still shocked that the boys got in at all!

Of course they found a everything is perfect!

Ryan enjoyed the beach.

Davis was pretty cold. He swam for a minute and then got out!

Trent loved jumping off of this rock.

Tyler brought up a air mattress. The boys loved this.

They love their daddy!

I love this picture so much : )

Ryan situated himself on the mattress for almost half of the day. He loved this setup and was not going anywhere. Eventually he fell asleep and took a nice LONG nap...

Ooh it was SO bright and I forgot the shade for my camera...oh well. Liam is so cute with his twinky face!

Trent was done with the water for now and he was SO cold.

Trent was laughing with Eva about something. Love my boy : )

Eva loved digging. She did this for a long time...making her special soups.

The lake is so much fun!

They found better rocks....ones that were high up from the ground. Yes I let them climb...does that make me a bad parent? I don't think so.

Trent enjoyed his soda. Kids are so fun!

Well like any day, fun or not, they come to an end. We will do that again when the heat is too much...just run away to the mountains. It was so worth the hour drive! The kids love the lake! We all had SO much fun!

Friday, June 17, 2011

What a BUSY day...

Okay this didn't happen today...but it was on Wednesday. Trent was jumping on the bed with Davis and was being a little too wild and jumped on Davis' arm...result: Davis in pain and after a LONG timeout Trent had to serve him the rest of the day.

Davis loved it. Though I did feel sorry for the little guy.,..he was in pain. It wasn't broken because I could move his wrist up and down and from side to side. I bandaged it up but as soon as he heard that we were going to Ty and Tate's house he wanted it off and claimed that it was much better...even though he fussed if I touched it. He was fine later that afternoon when we went over to cousin Angela's home to let the boys play on the big water didn't take toooo long before Davis felt much like himself again.

Okay and this was last night....they told me that they were ninjas...apparently this is how they dress. Hahaha they crack me up!

Trent said that he was a fighting ninja...what else do they do Trent?!

Davis insisted that ninjas wear these. Hahaha!

Okay so now that we have finally moved to what we did today...the zoo was a lot of fun! The kids loved the reptile house...though Liam didn't at first because he is so scared of snakes...but once he saw fish, frogs, and turtles he was okay.

Trent wanted to know what each one was called....and that thing on his head is his exercising gear I think. He was determined to wear it...whatever you crazy kid!

He liked to find the reptiles and move on....a little too quickly sometimes.

Ryan was in heaven when the snake kept moving around and coming right up to the glass.

It was so cool! I am so glad that they were all moving around today. Must have been because of the huge crowds at the zoo...

Then there was the wood chip fight...not a good idea. It was stopped immediately!

Ryan kept throwing them over the wall...

Liam is such a little cutie. He had fun at the zoo...

Eva and Davis just had to crawl into the turtle shell. Silly kids...

After the zoo we went to Chick-Fil-A. Am I a horrible mother for not buying them any food to save money? Haha I brought many healthy things to eat and other snacks...bought myself a diet coke and plopped down and enjoyed myself while the kids played. Samantha and I chatted for a while. Trent went home with Eva to play and Davis and Ryan had NO interest in leaving anytime soon so I made my way into the kid play place and took pictures for a while.

This is my third refill at least! Ryan just had to try some...oh boy...guess who's not going to bed tonight???

He had a blast playing in there when I was nearby. Naughty.

I love my Davis! He's such a fun little guy with QUITE the personality. Haha!

Then after Chick-Fil-A we went home for a while and met up with Poppy and Memow at the Farmer's Market. It was fun for a little bit...

Trent refused to get his groove on with Davis. One older gentleman took notice and walked by and tapped his head a few times...telling Trent to to just dance with him. Davis begged and begged and even after that...he would NOT! He gets so embarrassed!

Davis gave up on Trent and started running around and dancing with other kids. He knows how to have a good time!

When the kids were not out there with him he stood in one place and tapped his foot. He was little shy to go dance all by himself.

We had a good time....but after a little while Ryan was not feeling good and had a small fever so I had to bribe Davis to go. Trent is more of a home body and was all for going home. Pushing all three of them in the stroller was exhausting but we made it home safe and sound! What a busy day! I am so tired....but am so glad that I am able to take my boys places and have a little fun sometimes...

Thursday, June 9, 2011

It finally warmed up a little : )

Samantha and I went to chick fil a for lunch with the kids and then took the kids to the splash park. They had so much fun and it was actually warm! So the kids had a blast.

Liam had fun running around in the water.

Ryan on the other hand enjoyed a mud puddle from a nearby field. All of this water and that is what he wanted! So he is now cleaning himself off...

Yes he was covered in mud. A few moms were concerned and said..."Hey do you know he's in the mud?" I nodded and said, "Yeah and he looks like he is having fun too." I don't think they liked the idea of him sitting in the mud. Haha Oh well...

But he had such a GOOD time in the mud. I really don't know what the big deal washes off. Boys like to get dirty.

Ryan is thinking about how he is going to get to that mud puddle without mom seeing him....I will let him think about that for a while.

He was having fun...but just didn't like the idea of the slide at first. But after convincing him that is all that he wanted to do the rest of the time.

Liam was having a fun time with this water gun. These two boys came over and took it from him. Liam stood quietly nearby and then suddenly stomped over there and took it back! Haha! You get 'em Liam!

Trent just got a massive amount of water dumped on his head. Haha! I love it!

Silly Eva....

Trent loved the slide. That is all that he wanted to do most of the time.

Waiting for the water bucket to dump on him. Crazy kid!

Eva was running around in the water for a LONG time. You think that it would get old. Kids just love it!

Eva doing her cool tricks.

I really do love this park. So much to do. The kids ran and played and had such a good time.

Ryan you be nice and let Liam climb up the slide too!

My little guy is growing up way tooo fast!

Ryan was walking around and shrieking for a long time. If anyone has ever heard him know that it is loud. I let him do it. He was having so much fun!

Trent loves climbing walls!

Davis had such a good time at the water park. After a total of 3 plus hours I was ready to go. They other boys were ready too. I had to drag Davis away with him kicking and screaming. Many threats later he decided to stop. By that time they were all starving again. So I had to hurry home fast to make dinner!

Life is good....